Yahoo's Most Poopular: GoGirl

As a student of human behavior, from time to time I enjoy checking in on Yahoo's Most Popular listings to see what topics and images you poop machines are currently finding to be the most mentally stimulating. It's always an illuminating experience about the level of human intelligence and culture.

Here's the photo that is currently the most popularly circulated:

The caption: "A perfect stocking stuffer for active women, GoGirl allows the simple convenience of taking bathroom breaks standing up in situations where restrooms are unfit or nonexistent."

Astonishing. I pity you poor creatures and how you are enslaved to your own biological inefficiencies. The first thing I don't understand about this is how with your constant need to excrete waste matters you apparently have not built an adequate supply of urine receptacle stations. The second thing I don't understand, is how you have allowed your few urine to become in such a state of disrepair that they are considered unfit next to the option of excreting through a funnel into a soda can.

Finally, couldn't you just buy a funnel and a soda can? Particularly since that option would not include writing on the side that indicates to anyone who sees it that you're carrying your own pee holder around with you.

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