Yahoo's Most Poopular: The Eyes of Kugagulon

On today's visit to Yahoo's Most Popular, I was absolutely delighted to see the picture posted below.

The caption reads: "This photo taken Oct. 4, 2009 shows pugs Mochi, left, and Olive posing for a photo dressed in their Halloween costumes at flowers at their home in Huntington Beach Calif. The stepsisters have been geisha girls, surfer girls and sushi over the years. They may not understand the tradition, but 'pugs understand positive energy,' explained dog owner, partner and costume designer Lisa Woodruff."

Ha ha ha - NOT TRUE!

I absolutely should not be telling you this, but this particular image tickles me beyond the point of reason. The creatures you see in this picture are not, as you have always presumed, and offshoot branch of the canine family, descended from wolfy ancestors. Nay! They are instead, alien spies from the planet Kugagulon, sent to observe and report on your planet, much as I have been. Unlike me, however, who flaunts his status as a Superior being, unafraid of any retaliation you feeble creatures may attempt to confront me with, the Kugagulons attempt to disguise themselves as docile things. Most take the route of pretending to be domestic pets. The two pictured above are actually attempting to pass themselves off as blossoms of earthly plantlife. Even inferior human eyes can easily see though such a cheap disguise, but still misinterpret what they see as cute little doggies dressed up for play.

Honestly, between you humans and the Kugagulons, it's difficult to see which is the stupider race.

And then I remember that at least the Kugagulons have trained you to pick up their excrement for them. Humans lose again.

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