Alton brown wears gray and tan, yet is not the tackiest person in the picture

From the following photo at Yahoo's Most Popular:

The caption: This undated photo courtesy of the Food Network shows chef Bobby Flay, from left, and White House chef Cristeta Comerford, Alton Brown, first lady Michelle Obama, chef Mario Batali and chef Emeril Lagasse. An episode of 'Iron Chef America' will be taped at the White House pitting Flay and Comerford against Batali and Lagasse. The episode aris Jan. 3, 2010.

CHEF MARIO BATALI: Is it appropriate for me to wear my silly plastic crocs while visiting the White House?

FOOD NETWORK EXECUTIVES: Yes, but only if they match the first lady's dress.

CHEF MARIO BATALI: Great! Also, I won't be wearing pants.

You're all class, MB.

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