Brace yourselves, humans

Welcome to my new blog, humans. Prepare your feeble minds to be blown! Perhaps a very tight hat might assist you in keeping some of your brains within your skulls, but I think not! Minds will be blown!

After many years of writing movie reviews, advice, and opinion pieces on my previous page over at Cap'n Wacky's Boatload of Fun, I'm now entering the world of blogging. When I first heard of "the world of blogging" I believed if to literally be another world, and hoped to escape my exile among you filthy humans by traveling to it. Unfortunately, I understand that it is not actually another planet, but at least it's a new venue upon which I may vent.
You're welcome in advance for the superior opinions, perspectives, and analysis coming your way. You will thank me latter.
Unless your mind is blown completely off.

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