Yahoo's Most Poopular: Telepathetic maybe

Here's a most-popular picture today:

Cambodian mechanic Nhean Phaloek sits in his self-designed home-made Angkor 333-2010 car at his house in Phnom Penh. The gold-coloured convertible turns heads on impoverished Cambodia's roads -- not least because of creator Nhean Phaloek's outlandish claim that it can be operated telepathically.(AFP/Tang Chhin Sothy)

Hmm... Methinks Nhean is confused about the word "telepathy," which means to communicate or control something with your mind. A telepathic car, of course, wouldn't have that steering wheel. I think I know the word you meant to use for what kind of car you have there, Mr. Phaloek.

It's "regular."

Or possibly "golf cart."

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